CARPET, the Cycle of  LIFE to DEATH !

The first places CARPET will start to wear, will be in these few areas or under these conditions;
Usually the first areas to go will be the front edge of any steps or stair treads, if their are any.
Narrow Walk areas or areas that are in constant use with high traffic volume as in, Doorways, Hallways & around the Dining & Billiard table area & in front of your favourite Lounge or Chair.
Water damage by way of, Flood, Roof leaks, Wet area wall seepage, Rising Damp etc. Will all cause Rotting and/or
*de-lamination over a period of time.
Prolonged water damage by Shampooing, Steam cleaning and/or Pot plant leakage.
Furniture with reasonably small / sharp legs, especially without protective end caps.
Chairs with Casters are a HUGE problem as this will destroy any carpet in just a few years if you don't use a "Key Mat", their are several types from dense rubber to clear smooth top with tapered outer edges (Tapered edges makes it easy for your casters roll off and onto the mat), spiked bottom surface to minimise pile crush,
*de-lamination & eliminate all key-mat sliding.
Visual Spills & Stains make your carpet look Old & Dead even when it isn't.

"DOMESTIC" Situation.
  • Firstly; If you took at handful of some of the "BEST" Quality Carpets in the "WORLD", ( Usually "WOVEN")
  • Secondly; Then installed this CARPET to a HIGH standard, (already down to about 10% of the carpet industry)
  • Thirdly; Statistically looking at one person dwelling with low social activities.

You will find if this Carpet is maintained correctly too today's standards it should last around at least 100+ yrs, Yes that's right, but what is consider the DEATH of your Carpet is when there is 5~10% of your Carpet is TOTALLY worn out, whilst the rest on your CARPET will still be in a reasonable condition or the above () will apply.

"COMMERCIAL" Situation.
CARPET has a Life expectancy in the real world from 3~10 yrs, as in this time usually you get;
  • Extremely Heavy traffic and just wears out or needs to be patched up to make it last a little longer.
  • You just get plain bored with it or a new client requires a new or different colour.
  • In some way gets Damaged or badly stained and needs to be replaced.

But then again Carpet is a fashion statement and has become a throw away product, Carpet used to be the most expensive item after the purchase of your Home, now it is the "Motor Vehicle" & it seams that not many people even think about what YOU pay for a vehicle & how long it lasts, or have we been conditioned to accept this by the cattle mentality of social desire ?

(*) De-lamination, is the Separation of the secondary backing off the Primary backing (this term, usually only applies to NON-woven carpets as usually most of these modern carpets have a Primary poly propylene backing & in most cases a Jute Secondary backing).

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